The Omaha Public Library collection of TransMississippi artifacts includes photographs, programs, newspapers and other memorabilia. A significant part of the collections consists of a set of photographs by F. A. Rinehart. Rinehart was the official photographer for the exposition.

This index provides access to a listing of the collection items. Each listed item is linked to a corresponding image. Listings are grouped in lots of 100 items. A cross reference of TMI numbers to Rinehart numbers is also provided.

This part of the site is designed to provide sequential access to the collection and is provided to assist those doing research using the collection. In addition, the site is also indexed by subject matter for your convenience.

TMI00001-01095 are photographs by F.A. Rinehart.
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Photographs from the American Indians 1898 Photo Album
TMI02001-02531 are photographs by F.A. Rinehart.
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tmi02401 to 02500 tmi02501 to 02531
Glass Lantern Slides
TMI3001-3141 consists of postive lantern slides with dimensions of 2.875 by 3.5 inches.
tmi03001 to 03141
TMI Documents
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