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Discover local authors at the Omaha Public Library Author Fair

Discover local authors at the Omaha Public Library Author Fair
February 07, 2014
While writers can follow many different paths to get their works published, the bigger challenge can be getting those works to stand out among the competition. Omaha Public Library will offer an opportunity for local authors and publishers to tout their accomplishments at its Author Fair on Saturday, Feb. 22, 1-4 p.m. at W. Dale Clark Main Library, 215 S. 15th St., 4th floor. The event is free and open to the public.

Participants will hear from a panel of publishers and literary experts at 2 p.m.: Cindy Grady, WriteLife; Erin Reel, Erin Reel Publishing Services; Timothy Schaffert, author; Sandra Wendel, Concierge Marketing; and Ellen Wheeler Scott, The Bookworm. The discussion will include advice for writers who want to be discovered.

Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to meet authors, buy books and have them signed. Authors participating in this event include Lee Bachand, Gina Barlean, Tracey Bartek, Jeff Beals, Leo Biga, Brian Bogdanoff, Larry Bradley, Shawn Brink, Marcia Calhoun Forecki, Patricia Callone, David Catalan, Marilyn Coffey, Faith Colburn, Todd Conkright, Kat Crawford, John Darcy, Sondra Dubas, Michael Echols, Joe Elsasser, Tara Evans, Barbara Eymann Mohrman, Howard Faber, Sheryl Fawcett, Steve Fischer, Jennifer Floyd, Anne Fuller, Ean Garrett, Katherine Gazzetta, Kristine Gerber, JP Hansen, Vern Hauger, John Hlavacek, Jeanie Jacobson, Julie Jahde-Pospishil, Milt Kleinberg, Janet Laird, Mark Langan, Dick Lerner, Karen Linder, Margaret Lukas, Abraham Mangar, Mark Manhart, Angela Meyer, Donna Miesbach, George Morgan, John Morrissey, Mark Musick, Andy Myers, Joylan "Mo'Betta” Netter, Mel Oliva, Frank O'Neal, James Overturf, Chris Raabe, David Ravenberg, Laura Reavis, Rita Rocker, Lou Rotella, Timothy Schaffert, Kim Schenkelberg, Ty Schenzel, Karen Schutte, S.M. Senden, David Shurter, Troy Skinner, Joseph Smith II, John Stanfield, E.B. Tatby, Kirk Vaughn-Robinson, Maria Watson, Karen Watson, Jacquelyn Whitaker, Tracy Willits, John Witzel, and Steve Wolf.

This program is part of OPL’s annual Winter Reading Club. Join now through the end of the month and earn a reward by reading, attending library programs and more. Visit for information about additional programs offered at Omaha Public Library’s 12 metro locations.
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