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Watt Detector Program

Watt Detector Program
Watt Detector Kit
The Watt Detector Program is available to you through a partnership between Omaha Public Power District and Omaha Public Library.

What is a Watt Detector?
The Watt Detector is a Kill-A-Watt™ device used to measure the amount of electricity various household appliances use. It calculates how much money or energy is being spent on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. It measures energy use in watts and translates that into kilowatt hours (kWh), the same unit of measure used on your electric bills.
1000 watts = 1 kilowatt; a 100-watt device running for 10 hours = 1 kWh.

The Watt Detector device has been pre-programmed for your convenience with the average electricity rate for OPPD customers.  This number is an average of OPPD's summer and winter rates.

Quick Start Guide
Use these quick start instructions to get up and running in just a few minutes.
• Plug the Watt Detector into the wall outlet; plug the appliance or electronic device into the Watt Detector. Note that: It may take a couple hours before enough information has been pulled to generate your device's cost.
• Press and hold the RESET key on the unit until “rESt” appears.
• To display the actual cost of power consumed or projected cost, press the MENU key until “Cost” is displayed in the LCD.
• Pressing the UP and DOWN key will cycle through the cost projection periods. For example, if the display indicates $2.34 and “Month,” the unit is projecting that the attached appliance will consume $2.34 worth
of electricity in one month.
• To display the power measurements, press the MENU key until “Volt” is displayed on the LCD.
• To cycle through the various measurements, press the UP and DOWN key as desired. The measurement unit currently selected will be indicated in the display.
• To display the total consumed power in kWh, press the MENU key until “KWH” is indicated in the display.
• To reset the accumulated measurements, press and hold the RESET key on the unit. After a few seconds, “rESt” will appear momentarily on the LCD. Release the RESET key. This indicates that previous measurements have been deleted and that the total accumulated kWh, elapsed time and cost measurements have been reset to zero.

Warning: to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this device to rain or moisture. Only appliances that use a standard, 120-volt outlet can be measured. Do not use this device on ranges or clothes dryers. And what does viagra do. Review the operations manual on for all safety warnings.

After using the Watt Detector, please go here to complete the online survey.

For more information, contact OPPD’s Energy Advisor at 402-636-3850 or visit

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